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Important Dates

List of accepted papers

Oral presentation

  • Julia Ritz. Using tf-idf-related Measures for Determining the Anaphoricity of Noun Phrases
  • Hilke Reckman, Jeff Orkin and Deb Roy. Learning meanings of words and constructions, grounded in a virtual game
  • Jürgen Reischer. EXCERPT- Ein integriertes System zum informativen Summarizing und Within-Document-Retrieval
  • Marcos Cramer, Daniel Kuehlwein and Bernhard Schröder. Presupposition Projection and Accommodation in Mathematical Texts
  • Cerstin Mahlow and Michael Piotrowski. Noun Phrase Chunking and Categorization for Authoring Aids
  • Gerlof Bouma. Querying Linguistic Corpora with Prolog
  • Samuel Broscheit, Anette Frank, Dominic Jehle, Simone Paolo Ponzetto, Danny Rehl, Anja Summa, Klaus Suttner and Saskia Vola. Rapid Bootstrapping of Word Sense Disambiguation Resources for German
  • Klenner Manfred, Angela Fahrni and Don Tuggener. Inkrementelle Koreferenzanalyse für das Deutsche
  • Yves Scherrer and Owen Rambow. Natural Language Processing for the Swiss German dialect area
  • Natalie Kühner and Sabine Schulte im Walde. Determining the Degree of Compositionality of German Particle Verbs by Clustering Approaches


  • Manaal Faruqui and Sebastian Pado. Training and Evaluating a German Named Entity Recognizer with Semantic Generalization
  • Rohit Gupta, Pulkit Goyal and Sapan Diwakar. Transliteration among Indian Languages using WX notation
  • Martin Emms. Trainable Tree Distance and an application to Question Categorisation
  • Viola Ganter. Detecting Vagueness in Two Languages and Two Domains
  • Markus Fuchs. Aufbau eines linguistischen Korpus aus den Daten der englischen Wikipedia
  • Peter Schulam and Christiane Fellbaum. Automatically Determining the Semantic Gradation of German Adjectives
  • Sebastian Sulger. Analytic and Synthetic Verb Forms in Irish - An Agreement-Based Implementation in LFG
  • Carsten Weber and Johannes Handl. A Base-form Lexicon of Content Words for Correct Word Segmentation and Syntactic-Semantic Annotation
  • Harald Lüngen and Mariana Hebborn. Konstruktionsgrammatische Analyse von Gliederungsstrukturen
  • Tafseer Ahmed. Clustering Urdu verbs on the basis of related aspectual auxiliaries and light verbs
  • Christian Chiarcos and Julia Ritz. Qualitative and Quantitative Error Analysis in Context
  • Claudia Roch, Katja Keßelmeier and Antje Müller. Productivity of NPN sequences in German, English, French, and Spanish
  • Heike Zinsmeister and Margit Breckle. Starting a sentence in L2 German - Discourse annotation of a learner corpus
  • Stefanie Dipper. POS-Tagging of Historical Language Data: First Experiments

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